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Greetings! [Jul. 25th, 2008|11:58 am]
Big Cat Lovers


I just stumbled across this community and felt like I must join, since I love big cats. (And small cats, cats of all sizes really...) A few months ago I began volunteering at The Wild Felids Advocacy Center of Washington. The center itself is a sanctuary for about 30 cats, most of them on the bigger side. I got a new camera recently and took some pictures, and I thought members might appreciate them.

Rather than make a big, slow-loading entry, I'm just going to link to the images.

We'll start with Pu-lynx (his actual name is P'uch'ub), a young Canadian lynx that the center recently acquired and who, when old enough, will serve as an "educational ambassador". In these pictures he's about 9-10 weeks, but by now he's probably 14 weeks old.
Pu-lynx in my lap - Not a stellar picture, I know, but he's pretty darn cute, eh?
OW he plays rough - Another not-so-hot picture. He's still learning to play without his teeth and claws.
Lounging on the porch with one of his toys
More lounging
Being cute (well, of course) - This is actually a still frame from a video of us playing.
Attempting to play with Taz-Ra - Taz-Ra is another cat at the center, 75% jungle cat and 25% Abyssinian ... probably not "big" enough to be included here.

The servals are less photogenic, mostly because they don't like me yet.
As you can see here... Hissy!
Playin' in the tub - On a hot day, playing with a rock in the tub. Sometimes they fish for goldfish.

And here's a bobcat.

Hope you enjoyed these!

[User Picture]From: joesluvie
2008-09-02 06:39 pm (UTC)
How lucky you are to work with these animals. I want to work with Ocelot cubs, because I hear they are very easy to work with, and I love Ocelots so much. Do you have any Snow Leopards at your center? They are my favorite. Thanks for shareing these.
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